Saturday, October 8, 2011

Abundant Thankfulness

Thanks be to God for His incredible gift! 2 Corinthians 9:15
Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever. Psalm 107:1

Sometimes I am in awe of all that God has given to me. He knows better than anyone that I am sadly undeserving of His wonderful grace. I have a wonderful job, a wonderful church, a wonderful small group, a wonderful family, and a wonderful man I call my boyfriend. I thank my Lord daily for all that I have, and all that I have been delivered from. 
I am attending a Beth Moore bible study on Daniel. One of the weeks we spent learning about deliverance. The story of ShadrachMeshach and Abednego is an example of how God sends us through fire, but then He grabs our hand and stands in the flames with us. He delivers us through the extreme fires of life. During this study I thought about all that I had been delivered from. I became overwhelmed with thankfulness! In this story (Daniel 3) when Nebuchadnezzar threatens to throw the men into a furnace if they do not bow to him. They respond telling him...  ”If we are thrown into the blazing furnace, the God we serve is able to deliver us from it, and he will deliver us[c] from Your Majesty’s hand. But even if he does not, we want you to know, Your Majesty, that we will not serve your gods or worship the image of gold you have set up.” (Daniel 3:17-18) These verses were a great challenge to me! Lord I trust you to deliver me, but even if you don’t... Burn me up!
 Please remember today how much you have to be thankful for!