Saturday, February 22, 2014

Harlow's Room

Harlow's Room 

 I think the chair is my favorite part :)
The ruffle pillow is a gift from the lovely Leslie Duffield.
The rug was the first thing I bought for her room. It was kind of the inspiration for everything else. 
 Her diaper bag and door hanger are all ready to go to the hospital!
 The wall color is called "Ambrosia" I wanted mint that wasn't too lime, and was not too blue.
 I love how clean and simple her crib is, so I decided not to include a bumper just a simple skirt.
 All of the little details in the room are this aged gold. O' and I decided to put my owl lamp in her room (it was in my room at the chi o house :)) 
 We bought her dresser on CL and Jacob painted black, and we added some gold hardware.
 Book shelves are picture ledges from ikea. 
I wanted to showcase her "coming home" dress, and I saw this idea to frame it on Pinterest. We are still waiting on a cute wire hanger instead of the plastic one. 

I am ready for this kid to be here!! I totally know she will not care or need a lot of the stuff in her room, but it was really fun for me to pick it all out! 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

36 Weeks

Girl! Harlow Robin

Baby Size: 6lbs, more than 18 1/2" long
Weight Gain/Loss: gained 23 lbs

Fit Mama: lots of stretching and walking (outside!!)

Symptoms: Back Pain (woof) My pelvis and hips are getting ready for my girl to come...and it hurts. I have 2-4 contractions an hour (some are painful) still not close enough to be go time. I sleep about 4-5 hours a night :(. Also at night comes lots of cramping/pinching (feels like period cramps). All of these things just mean my body is getting ready!!! 

Cravings: None this week.  

ClothesAll maternity...I'm over winter ready to wear shorts and dresses (SERIOUSLY) 

We went to the doctor on Monday, and they told us that there was only a little bit of progression. So I am dilated to a 3.5-4 and effaced about 90%. Still just waiting for active labor to begin. The docs I see all tell me that I am way ahead for a 1st time mom. Which is great, but it makes the waiting hard knowing that it could literally be any moment when my contractions come closer together. I am happy that she is getting some time to get a little more chunky in before she comes. This mommy is ready to kiss Harlow's face! 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

35 Weeks (hope to make it to 36!)

*sorry no picture it was a crazy week 

Gender: Girl! Harlow Robin

Baby Size: Over 5lbs, more than 18" long
Weight Gain/Loss: gained 23 lbs

Fit Mama: Resting 

Symptoms: Back pain comes in waves, and contractions are a few an hour, but close enough to be in active labor..

Cravings: Ice Water! So thirsty all the time!  

ClothesAll maternity...I'm over winter ready to wear shorts and dresses (SERIOUSLY) 

**i called the doctor on Thursday because my back was hurting pretty bad and the night before I hadn't slept at all. I just wanted to know if there was something we could do to help me sleep. So they told me to go ahead and come in just to check on at 1:00 we went in and they checked me to see if the pain was related to labor. We were hoping it was just back spasms. He told us that I was dilated to 3 and 80% effaced! They also kept telling me how soft my cervix was...(yes we already know that) This was the 1st time I have felt fear during the pregnancy, and the thought of her in preemie clothes and in the NICU made me get a little emotional for a minute! ..So he sent us down to the ER to be put on a monitor and to get some fluids and a mild seditive to help me sleep, and hopefully slow things down a little bit! They kept reassuring us that Harlow would be ok, but it would be best if she had a week or two more to finish developing! So after the let me sleep for about an hour they asked us how close we lived to the hospital...and then they said that the contractions were mild enough and far enough apart that we could go home. They told me to take it easy and drink lots of water! Soo that is what we are doing. We are thankful for every hour that she stays in there! My prayer is to make it to Valentine's day!
Our bags are packed and all is ready just in case she decides to come earlier! 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Harlow's Fayetteville Baby Shower

Harlow's Book Themed Baby Shower 

 The food was paired with a classic children's book!

 It is still very cool/weird to see her name written out! 

 Nicole made this precious door hanger for the hospital! 

 Carson Ruby was so helpful! 

 Harlow got soo many cute/useful things! So thankful to Nicole, Leslie, Meredith and all of you lovely ladies that came to love on my baby and I! We are so blessed! 

34 Weeks

Baby Size: Almost 5 lbs 18" long
Weight Gain/Loss: no clue. We go to the dr. on Monday. I am guessing ill roll over the 25 mark.

Fit Mamma: light cardio (stationary bike), and light weight lifting 

Symptoms: Back pain is back this week :( It hurts in my lower back and even down through my butt. I am still having several BH contractions a day. I also have a pinching feeling "down there"every once in a while..(it takes my breath away-ouchie) I am not 100% sure what that is but they think I am feeling some effacement. We go to the dr. on Monday and I will get checked to see if I am dilated at all!!  

Cravings: Ice Water! So thirsty all the time!  

ClothesAll maternity...I'm over winter ready to wear shorts and dresses (SERIOUSLY) 

Movement: little bumps and wiggles during the day, at night she is a little more active...when she moves at night it hurts pretty bad! I love feeling her move, but some of them are so strong it brings tears to my eyes or makes me yell... lol 

baby we are so ready for you to be here!!! Just a few more weeks!