Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Harlow 2 1/2

-loves to give hugs 
-wants to see "pitchers" on our phones
-is always "spinning around like a princess"  
-calls yogurt "mogurk"
-wears pink princess dress everyday 
-loves to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
-watches Momma Mia on iPad 
-watches Barney a lot 
-sings Jesus loves me,Barney song,twinkle twinkle and asks "what's another song" 
-loves swimming and is not afraid 
-started taking swim lessons 
-wants to hold her "shister" a lot 
-loves going to church 
-is 100% potty trained including nap and bedtime
-grabs my shirt and rubs it on her face and sucks her thumb 
-naps after lunch for about 1.5-2 hours 
-loves to jump on her trampoline 
-Loves her "pink baby"
-nurses pink baby 
-says "I do it my sulf" a lot 
-loves Palmer and Bowen 
-says "to" in place of "for" "momma you open this to me?"  "For the 1st time in toever" 
-loves to wear dresses and curtesy 
-loves to paint her nails 
-eats "bars" (granola bars) for snack 
-eats a waffle every morning, usually with her dad 
-loves grilled cheese 
-loves to play with Clay
-remembers everything 
-makes up songs about everything 
-talks with her hands
-Aunt April and Uncle Michael are her best friends
-loves to tell the story of Jesus on the cross 
-had memorized 3 bible verses 
- loves to watch movies 

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Monroe Eleanor: 7 months

this sweet little savage is 7 months old! She is crawling and getting faster everyday,she has started pulling up on stuff and is really strong, she eats some type of solids for breakfast lunch and dinner and would eat all the time if we let her, she loves to annoy her sister, and loves to cuddle her dad, she says dada daddy and hiiii. I guess she weighs about 16lbs. She weighs size 3 diapers, and size 6m clothes.