Monday, September 28, 2015

23 Weeks

23 Weeks

Baby Snelson #2: 23 weeks 

Baby Size: 11+" long and just over 1lb 
Weight Gain/Loss: go to dr tomorrow should find out then, I'm sure 10+

Gender: Girl, Monroe Eleanor Snelson!  

Fit Mamma: Riding stationary bike, and went on a couple walks outside 

Symptoms: finally starting to feel normal! I have occasional lower back pain and still have to make sure I eat a snack with protein every few hours to maintain blood sugar. I have 2-3 Braxton hicks contractions a day (they are tight with pressure). I have to pee a lot, I think it has a lot to do with the fact the she has parked herself very low, and seems to be there to stay! I am ready for it to cool down cause the heat makes me very tired very fast! 

Cravings: James Brownie Jackhammer at Andy's 

Clothing: maternity pants for sure, even those start to get uncomfortable because she is very low and cause pressure down there, I can wear normal shirts comfortably.  

Movement: her movement has really picked up this week! I feel lots of punches on the right side, and I am pretty sure her head is low and on the right side so I can feel her doing some shoving over there! The other night she was going crazy punching and kicking and Jacob got to feel her move several times! Harlow has been super interested in her baby sissy this week, and has been putting her hand on my belling trying to feel. I don't think she has felt anything, but I keep trying to show her! 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

20 Weeks

Baby Snelson #2: 20 weeks 

Baby Size: 10.5" long and about 12 ounces
Weight Gain/Loss: About 9lbs (I think) I'll have to see at the dr. 

Gender: Girl Monroe Eleanor Snelson.. 

Fit Mamma: Walked outside and on the tred at the gym 

Symptoms: Feeling much better! (Only took 20 weeks..woof) still have spurts of extreme low energy. I have started having about 1 Braxton hicks contraction a day,the are the same tightening/pressure I had with Harlow. 

Cravings: Cookies n Cream pop tarts 

Clothing: pretty much all maternity, I am enjoying dresses a lot they are more comfortable than pants! 

Movement: she seems to be moving a lot less than I remember Halrow moving, but I feel the occasional poke or punch! No big movements yet!