Wednesday, September 9, 2015

20 Weeks

Baby Snelson #2: 20 weeks 

Baby Size: 10.5" long and about 12 ounces
Weight Gain/Loss: About 9lbs (I think) I'll have to see at the dr. 

Gender: Girl Monroe Eleanor Snelson.. 

Fit Mamma: Walked outside and on the tred at the gym 

Symptoms: Feeling much better! (Only took 20 weeks..woof) still have spurts of extreme low energy. I have started having about 1 Braxton hicks contraction a day,the are the same tightening/pressure I had with Harlow. 

Cravings: Cookies n Cream pop tarts 

Clothing: pretty much all maternity, I am enjoying dresses a lot they are more comfortable than pants! 

Movement: she seems to be moving a lot less than I remember Halrow moving, but I feel the occasional poke or punch! No big movements yet! 

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