Friday, August 28, 2015

Harlow Robin: 18 Months

-she weighs 18lbs 9oz and is 30" tall (both below 10th percentile) 
-she wears size 3 diapers
-wears size 4 shoes 
-she wears 12 month clothes 
-she sleeps all night in her bed 🙌
-she takes 2 naps 10am 3pm 
-she LOVES Elsa and all things Frozen 
- she loves 101 Dalmatians and asked to watch puppys 
-she loves paw patrol 
-she wants to read the Wheels on the Bus book everyday calls it "bush"
-she can speak in sentences and can ask for pretty much anything she needs or wants 
-she loves her baby doll
- her main phrases are "go outside momma? K?" ..."I wanna watch Elsa, k momma?" ... "1,2,2 go"... "ashies ashies all fall down" ... "Where baby sissy?" ... "Thank you, momma (or daddy)"... "O' I sowwy" 
- she likes to list her friends names 
- she loves Reggie and is really bossy to her "no no reg" or "cmeer" (come here)
- she says cmeer to us too and will slap her leg and clap like she is calling a dog "cmeer momma" 
-she is not a huge eater 
-she will eat pizza,oatmeal,grapes, blueberries, and chips usually with dip 
-we have started working on going in the potty she has come #2 twice but no #1..I got her some big girl panties and she loves to pull them up and down and flush 
-she has a little bit of an attitude and can throw a fit by slapping the floor 👍🏻

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