Monday, August 3, 2015

Baby #2: 14 Weeks

Baby Size: 3.5" 1.5 oz
Weight Gain/Loss: Lost in the first few weeks due to hives, but gained back to where I 


Gender: We find out 8.5.15

Fit Mamma: Don't even leave the couch very often, when I have tried to exercise my heart beats very heavy and I get pretty dizzy.

Symptoms: I have had pretty bad head aches and have had intense dizziness..not so much nausea this time around, but really bad fatigue and low appetite. Nothing ever sounds good. I have never been much of a nap person, but I cannot help but sleep sometimes during the day. I also have been pretty uncomfortable due to bloating in the evening, but have noticed it getting better. 

Cravings: Whatever sounds good at the time, otherwise I would rather not eat..We ate pizza for Jacob's birthday and I was not feeling like eating it but I did anyways BAD idea! I never want to eat pizza again.  

Clothes: All clothes still fit pretty normal, pants start to get a little tight in the evening. 

Movement: Nothing yet

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