Saturday, December 26, 2015

Monroe Eleanor: 36 Weeks

36 Weeks 

Baby Size: almost 6lbs, 18" long
Weight Gain/Loss: 23-25 lbs (I think) 

Gender: GirlMonroe Eleanor  

Fit Mamma: it has been nice out this week (like 65 on Christmas) so Harlow and I have been walking our new street! Then today I rode the stationary bike.

Symptoms: she for sure dropped a couple weeks back and hips have been pretty sore, and I have to pee constantly...I've had a lot of contractions this week, and 2 days we timed them at about 5-7 min apart. They are extreme extreme pressure and my abdomen gets very tight and hard. Some of them hurt my lower back. Unfortunately they only lasted that way for about 20-30 min still not close enough or for long enough to go to the hospital. Also I've had a lot of pinching pain and soreness down there (kinda like I got kicked in the crotch) :| did not go to the dr this week because of Christmas, but there were 2 occasions we almost decided to go ahead and go to the hospital, but the contractions died down. We go to the dr on Monday. So fingers crossed, if not before then.

Cravings: No major cravings, but I am hungry all the time! 

Clothes: maybe 2 articles of clothing fit over my belly :/

Movement: I feel her feet poke out usually on my right side, and I feel her hiccups waay down there. Other than that I don't feel any big movements. 

We had an amazing Christmas! All of our families traveled here to our house, because we did not want to be too far away from the hospital just in case! Everything is pretty much ready for sissy Roe to come!  

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Monroe Eleanor: 33 Weeks

Baby Size: 
about 17" a little over 4 lbs 
Weight Gain/Loss: 25 ish 

Gender: Girl, Monroe Eleanor Snelson!  

Fit Momma: we moved last week, and so I been unpacking and chasing Harlow!

Symptoms: noticed and increase in contractions and the feeling of pressure. Also an increase in the pinching feeling. 

Cravings: None for a while 

Clothing: maternity pants for sure, even those start to get uncomfortable because she is very low and cause uncomfortable pressure on her. Clothes are not fun right now! 

Movement: lots of little nudges, and pokes. No big movements anymore, she doesn't have much room in there at this point. 

*had our 33 week appointment on Monday, and I'm dilated to about 2.5 cm. It is right on track to what happened with Harlow. Dr. Hinton decided to go ahead and give me a sequence of steroid shots to help her lungs develop just in case she decides to come early! So they monitored my contractions for about 2 hours, and again decided that things are prob going to happen a little at a time. So we hope to keep this little nugget in there until Christmas!! 

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Baby Snelson #2: 28 Weeks

Baby Size: around 14.8" long and 2.25 lbs 
Weight Gain/Loss: go to the dr. On Monday nov 2nd but last appointment I was at 13lbs. 

Gender: Girl, Monroe Eleanor Snelson!  

Fit Mamma: walking and chasing Harlow 

Symptoms: Feeling the best I've felt the whole pregnancy! I have normal energy, and have normal appetite! I have between 4 and 10 contractions a day. They feel very tight and some have very intense pressure. I have occasional back pain taking a bath or having Jacob give me a massage helps ;) 

Cravings: Fried chicken and mashed potatoes 

Clothing: maternity pants for sure, even those start to get uncomfortable because she is very low and cause uncomfortable pressure on her. Some regular shirts are starting to get a little too short. 

Movement: I feel what I'm pretty sure are her feet poking me in the right side, and when I contract you can see her little booty stick way out! She is very low and I have to use the bathroom pretty much non stop. She will 2-3 huge kicks a day and it make my whole abdomen jump, and are sometimes a little painful. 

Monday, September 28, 2015

23 Weeks

23 Weeks

Baby Snelson #2: 23 weeks 

Baby Size: 11+" long and just over 1lb 
Weight Gain/Loss: go to dr tomorrow should find out then, I'm sure 10+

Gender: Girl, Monroe Eleanor Snelson!  

Fit Mamma: Riding stationary bike, and went on a couple walks outside 

Symptoms: finally starting to feel normal! I have occasional lower back pain and still have to make sure I eat a snack with protein every few hours to maintain blood sugar. I have 2-3 Braxton hicks contractions a day (they are tight with pressure). I have to pee a lot, I think it has a lot to do with the fact the she has parked herself very low, and seems to be there to stay! I am ready for it to cool down cause the heat makes me very tired very fast! 

Cravings: James Brownie Jackhammer at Andy's 

Clothing: maternity pants for sure, even those start to get uncomfortable because she is very low and cause pressure down there, I can wear normal shirts comfortably.  

Movement: her movement has really picked up this week! I feel lots of punches on the right side, and I am pretty sure her head is low and on the right side so I can feel her doing some shoving over there! The other night she was going crazy punching and kicking and Jacob got to feel her move several times! Harlow has been super interested in her baby sissy this week, and has been putting her hand on my belling trying to feel. I don't think she has felt anything, but I keep trying to show her! 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

20 Weeks

Baby Snelson #2: 20 weeks 

Baby Size: 10.5" long and about 12 ounces
Weight Gain/Loss: About 9lbs (I think) I'll have to see at the dr. 

Gender: Girl Monroe Eleanor Snelson.. 

Fit Mamma: Walked outside and on the tred at the gym 

Symptoms: Feeling much better! (Only took 20 weeks..woof) still have spurts of extreme low energy. I have started having about 1 Braxton hicks contraction a day,the are the same tightening/pressure I had with Harlow. 

Cravings: Cookies n Cream pop tarts 

Clothing: pretty much all maternity, I am enjoying dresses a lot they are more comfortable than pants! 

Movement: she seems to be moving a lot less than I remember Halrow moving, but I feel the occasional poke or punch! No big movements yet! 

Friday, August 28, 2015

Harlow Robin: 18 Months

-she weighs 18lbs 9oz and is 30" tall (both below 10th percentile) 
-she wears size 3 diapers
-wears size 4 shoes 
-she wears 12 month clothes 
-she sleeps all night in her bed 🙌
-she takes 2 naps 10am 3pm 
-she LOVES Elsa and all things Frozen 
- she loves 101 Dalmatians and asked to watch puppys 
-she loves paw patrol 
-she wants to read the Wheels on the Bus book everyday calls it "bush"
-she can speak in sentences and can ask for pretty much anything she needs or wants 
-she loves her baby doll
- her main phrases are "go outside momma? K?" ..."I wanna watch Elsa, k momma?" ... "1,2,2 go"... "ashies ashies all fall down" ... "Where baby sissy?" ... "Thank you, momma (or daddy)"... "O' I sowwy" 
- she likes to list her friends names 
- she loves Reggie and is really bossy to her "no no reg" or "cmeer" (come here)
- she says cmeer to us too and will slap her leg and clap like she is calling a dog "cmeer momma" 
-she is not a huge eater 
-she will eat pizza,oatmeal,grapes, blueberries, and chips usually with dip 
-we have started working on going in the potty she has come #2 twice but no #1..I got her some big girl panties and she loves to pull them up and down and flush 
-she has a little bit of an attitude and can throw a fit by slapping the floor 👍🏻

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Baby Snelson #2: 16 Weeks

Baby Size: 4.5" long and about 3.5 ounces
Weight Gain/Loss: Not sure yet

Gender: We found out the gender this week!! GIRL! still deciding on a name... 

Fit Mamma: I did very little still dealing with headaches and exhaustion 

Symptoms: Had a few good days this week, still low on energy and have to lay down a lot. I think the headaches are allergy related..I have never had allergies before, but it must have come with this pregnancy.. Claritin seems to really help me feel better! I seem to have energy from around 10am-lunch time then the afternoons get a little rough. Still getting light headed, and very fatigued. I can definitely tell I am getting better a little bit at a time, hoping the next few weeks are the turning point!   

Cravings: Most of the time food still sounds gross, but I did really want fried chicken one day

ClothesSome shorts are getting a little tight when I sit down, and since it is hot I am most comfortable in athletic shorts and t-shirt. And since I already have maternity clothes you better believe I have already been wearing them. 

Movement: I feel her roll a lot it feels like little bursts of pressure, I will feel the occasional poke. 

Monday, August 3, 2015

Baby #2: 15 Weeks

Baby Size: about 4 " and around 3 oz
Weight Gain/Loss: Went to the Dr. on July 17th and I had gained 2 lbs

Gender: We find out 8.5.15

Fit Mamma: short walks or 15 min on the bike when I can, but that is not very often 

Symptoms: The first tri was honestly pretty hard..I rarely left the couch let alone the house. And I have had a hard time keeping my blood sugar normal so I do lots of little protein filled snack during the day. With Harlow this was the week when things started to turn around so praying I will get some energy back, and be able to play with my toddler again instead of bribe her to watch Paw Patrol so mommy can lay 

But this week I have had more good days than bad. I only had a bad headache 2 days out the 5 day week. I was also able to be a little more active, but I was reminded that I need to take it easy when I noticed some blood when I went to the bathroom. (This was the day before my dr app) It was no big deal I had just done a lot that day so now I know I need to use the days I feel good to ease back into normal life.

Cravings: None that I can think of, but still some food aversions 

Clothes: My athletic shorts are starting to get a little tight down on my little bump, but most things are still fitting ok. I just got my maternity clothes back from my sis in law so I will prob start wearing them just because they are way more comfortable!  

Movement: Felt the little nugget move for the first time this week! At first it was just little wooshes or light taps usually at night, but now the taps are a little stronger and Jacob felt it move on 8.2 

Baby #2: 14 Weeks

Baby Size: 3.5" 1.5 oz
Weight Gain/Loss: Lost in the first few weeks due to hives, but gained back to where I 


Gender: We find out 8.5.15

Fit Mamma: Don't even leave the couch very often, when I have tried to exercise my heart beats very heavy and I get pretty dizzy.

Symptoms: I have had pretty bad head aches and have had intense dizziness..not so much nausea this time around, but really bad fatigue and low appetite. Nothing ever sounds good. I have never been much of a nap person, but I cannot help but sleep sometimes during the day. I also have been pretty uncomfortable due to bloating in the evening, but have noticed it getting better. 

Cravings: Whatever sounds good at the time, otherwise I would rather not eat..We ate pizza for Jacob's birthday and I was not feeling like eating it but I did anyways BAD idea! I never want to eat pizza again.  

Clothes: All clothes still fit pretty normal, pants start to get a little tight in the evening. 

Movement: Nothing yet

Friday, April 10, 2015

1 vs 12

Harlow 12 Months

Harlow Turns One 

We love this girl, she is really funny!

-She started walk towards the end of 11 months, but really started going around Valentine's day!
-she wears 9-12 month and some 12 month clothes for length
-she has 9 teeth (5 on top, 4on bottom)
-weighs 16.5 lbs 5% .. 27.5" tall 7%
-she wears size 3 diapers
-wears size 2 shoes
-she says mama,daddy, reggie, hi, bye bye, cookie, thank you, yes, baby, outside, bless you, eyes, nose, uh oh,ball, Nea Nea, Papa, Pops,dance, necklace, night night  .. and repeats many more (several words have a southern drawl..?)
-she loves chapstick, she puts it on everyone and smacks her lips
-she loves pizza, quesadillas, halo oranges, cookies, turkey and cheese roll-ups, and pepperoni..she eats anything
-she sucks her thumb
-she naps at 10 am for about an hour
-she goes to bed at 8:00 and sleeps about 8 hours
-she sleeps with a pillow and a blanket 
-she loves to be outside and cries when we come in 
-she gives kisses all the time to us, baby dolls, other kids, pictures of herself ..anything really
-she loves her baby doll 
-she loves to dance 
- she loves mickey mouse club house 
-she loves jewelry she puts on a necklace most days 
- she also has started picking out her own clothes 
-stopped breast feeding around 13 months 
-drinks whole milk at meal time 

Harlow's First Birthday

We celebrated Harlow's Birthday on February 21st! We are so thankful to everyone that came to celebrate our girl!