Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Monroe Eleanor: 33 Weeks

Baby Size: 
about 17" a little over 4 lbs 
Weight Gain/Loss: 25 ish 

Gender: Girl, Monroe Eleanor Snelson!  

Fit Momma: we moved last week, and so I been unpacking and chasing Harlow!

Symptoms: noticed and increase in contractions and the feeling of pressure. Also an increase in the pinching feeling. 

Cravings: None for a while 

Clothing: maternity pants for sure, even those start to get uncomfortable because she is very low and cause uncomfortable pressure on her. Clothes are not fun right now! 

Movement: lots of little nudges, and pokes. No big movements anymore, she doesn't have much room in there at this point. 

*had our 33 week appointment on Monday, and I'm dilated to about 2.5 cm. It is right on track to what happened with Harlow. Dr. Hinton decided to go ahead and give me a sequence of steroid shots to help her lungs develop just in case she decides to come early! So they monitored my contractions for about 2 hours, and again decided that things are prob going to happen a little at a time. So we hope to keep this little nugget in there until Christmas!! 

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