Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Harlow Robin: 1 Month Old

I am so very thankful to be the mommy of such a good baby! She eats like a champ, sleeps great (for a newborn), and poops on a schedule! I am so very thankful that breastfeeding came so easily to us! I know it can be a challenge. She has quite a bit of awake time during the day we love to read or I will just talk to her. When it is nice we go on a lot of walks. Then it is back to sleep. During this 1st month she grew out of preemie clothes and diapers. Newborn diapers are perfect, and some newborn clothes are still a little big. We are working on getting some baby chub on this girl! At her first doctors appointment she had only lost 3oz which is great (5lb 7oz)! Then at her 2 week appointment she had gained 1 whole lb. For a tiny baby that is GREAT! At her 2 week appointment she weighed 6lb 7oz and was 19" long. You were measuring below the 5th percentile on all the charts..I am not sure what she weighs now, but I would guess around 7lbs now. You are so tiny and sweet!

-wore preemie clothes for 2 weeks
-wore preemie diapers for 2 weeks
-eats every 3 hours
-will go 4 hours in-between feedings at night
-she is awake at the same times I felt her in my belly
-loves to be carried in the Moby wrap
-loves bath time
-you took a bottle at 3 weeks
-you have lots of red hair
-we are getting soo close to a smile
-you sleep in our room in your bassinet (sometimes in our bed ;)
-you have dark blue eyes but I notice them getting lighter
-you love to be outside
-you love to cuddle with your daddy

Harlow Robin

Coming Home! 

1st Week Home

Newborn Pictures

Harlow Robin Snelson (2-24-14)

The day finally came, the day we got to meet our tiny baby girl. Yes' it has been a month since Harlow's birthday, but you other first time mommies know how emotional that 1st month can be. And I consider myself to be a pretty rational person, but hormones leave you without one bit of control over extreme sadness,intense joy,and obviously a little fear. Here is our story:

If you have been reading my previous posts you know that I was having signs of early labor for several weeks. Put in the ER the first time at 24 weeks due to my cervix being prematurely softened. Then again at 34 weeks because I was already dilated to a 3 and 80% effaced. So...We prayed to make it through the 36th week because her chances of being fully developed were much higher at that gestational age. We took it easy that week, and we made it! Made it to 36 then 37...My change over day was Friday, but our appointments were on Mondays. So the Monday of February 24th we had our regularly scheduled appointment at 11:30 am with Dr. Gorman. (whom we had seen the majority of the pregnancy) Every time we came to our app. with him he would say "I am just so glad you are still pregnant." Yes, us too..lol So that Monday, 3 days into week 37, I explained that I was having pretty uncomfortable back pain (still) and contractions about 7-10 min apart. Plus a lot of pressure but no excruciating pain that people kept telling me to expect. So he continued to check me, and joked that "Hey, maybe you will be dilated to a 5 and you can just have a baby today!" Seconds later I could see on his face that that was indeed the case. We were dilated to a 5 and 100%!! He said "Well, you guys want to go down stairs and have a baby?" YES!! So he called down and we were being admitted by 12:30 pm. After we had been placed in our room Jacob went home and grabbed our bags (we live about 5 min away). While they hooked me up to the IV and we filled out paper work. By the time I was getting the IV put in Jacob was back and my cousin Sean was there too. I remember the IV being the worst part of the whole experience (I know that seems silly, but they had to try 5 times!)

Then they started the pitocin around 1:30 pm. And I was supposed to get an epidural right after. Well..there was an emergency C-section going on, and so I had to wait another hour-ish. Fortunately I was having contractions almost 3 min apart, and they felt like extreme pressure/someone sitting on my chest. No sharp excruciating pain ever. It is so strange how labor is so different for everyone. So then around 2:30 I got the epidural. It was pretty painless and quick, and from that point on I felt really good! Our families started showing up and by around 3:00 I was dilated to a 6. During all of this my husband was the most amazing human he took such good care of me! It was a really special time for us. I am thankful that our marriage is centered around Christ's unconditional love for us! 

Dr. Duke was the doc on call, and he was wonderful! He came in around 4:45 ish and broke my water. After that everything went really fast! At 5:00 he came back in to see how I was doing, and said he would check my in about 20 more min. At this time I told him I felt a lot pressure, and felt like I needed to push!! SO he checked me then and I was a 9. So he said lets do a practice push. So I did one "practice push" and I was at 10cm!! Then it was time to bring in the crowd,and start pushing! 

When it was time to push my body could hardly wait for the nurses to get ready. When she was ready she was ready! I pushed for about 10 min, and we kept taking little breaks so to avoid tearing. And then I remember him saying, "If you want we can wait for the next contraction, or you can push one more time and we will have a baby!" And I am pretty sure before he was finished talking I pushed and there she was...The whole time I was pushing Jacob kept telling me what he could see. It truly was the most fantastic thing I have ever been a part of. How someone does not believe in an ultimate heavenly creator after experiencing the birth of a child I will never understand. The presence of the Lord was absolutely there in that moment they laid Harlow on my chest. 

Harlow Robin Snelson was born at 3 days into week 37 at 6:06 pm on February 24th, 2014. She weighed 5lbs 11oz and was 18.5" long.  She was a tiny girl, but she was absolutely perfect. I am blessed and honored to be her mommy. The love described in 1 Corinthians 13 takes on a whole new meaning when you meet your child. I know not all families are fortunate enough to be given the gift of a baby. Every day I am thankful for Harlow.  

Monday, March 24, 2014

37 Weeks (last bump pic)

Gender: Girl. Harlow Robin

Baby Size: Over 5lbs, more than 18" long

Weight Gain: 25 lbs

Fit Mamma: It was nice so lots of walking outside!

Symptoms: Back Pain, Contractions 

Cravings: Chips and Salsa

Clothes: Maternity felt too small !!

I only made it 3 days into week 37 and then on Monday February 24th Harlow peanut entered this world! (birth story in next post)