Thursday, January 1, 2015

Harlow Robin 10 Months

This little peanut has started to turn into more of a toddler this month. She is very independent, and loves to do things herself. The thing I think I love the most is how kind hearted she is. She loves to give hugs and kisses and waves and grins at anyone that comes around! Hard to believe we are in double digits not too much longer and we will have a 1 year old!

-She weighs about 16 lbs. now 
-Still crawls like a champ
-She cruises around furniture with ease
-She often lets go and stands on her own,but is unaware 
-Still 2 teeth on the bottom
-She loves her baby doll, she gives it loves of hugs and kisses
-Says mamma dada hi byebye and now says PaPa to Keith
-She points to what she wants (this is actually very helpful)
-We just switched to size 3 diapers
-Wears size 2 shoes
-Wears 6 month clothes and some 9 month pants (she has long legs)
-She waves all the time everywhere we go is like a parade
-Still takes 2 naps, the AM nap is in her stroller (at 9 months she got picky about where she sleeps..weird)
-She walks all over the house with her push toys 
-She loves to gives kisses and hugs (its more of a kiss noise than a physical kiss)
-She loves bananas, oatmeal, fruit pouches, yogurt bites, bread, and pretty much any dessert

She makes this face when you say cheese...

I seriously love her hair :)

Also she loves to sit in this chair, like loves it!