Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Jacob Remember's Grandpa John

 On November 28th I lost my best friend of 25 years, my Grandpa John. I say “lost” loosely, because on this earth I did lose him, but it’s amazing to know I will once again see him praising Jesus in heaven for I know that is exactly where he is. He will most definitely not be lost anymore. The best memories of my grandpa beyond the happy meals after kindergarten, Biggie Diet Cokes, and Chili from Wendy’s, are the conversations I had with him about jobs, being influences to others, always lend a helping hand to those in need, and what it takes to be a man for my wife Kaitlyn. I almost feel guilty that I only had a mere year and a half to share my grandpa with Kaitlyn, but for that year and a half I saw an unbreakable friendship form between MY two best friends. What more could a grandson and husband ask for? Every time Kaitlyn walked through the door my grandpa’s eyes lit up and he would take her hand and say “You’re my buddy.” The $20 bills I used to leave my grandparents’ house with every time we visited were now being slipped into Kaitlyn’s pocket followed by a whisper, “don’t tell Jacob” and a bag full of ripe tomatoes from my grandpa’s garden. My grandpa never questioned me (unless it was why was I shaking when he would shake my hand), and always supported me in every venture I took, but he was quick to question how I got such a beautiful wife inside and out. I was okay with that question, because I didn’t want to admit I questioned it sometimes too.

 The Saturday before my grandpa passed away we got a call that he was not doing well so Kaitlyn and I rushed to Joplin to spend the day with him. When we arrived I was prepared for the worst, but that is far from what we got when we walked in the door. We were greeted with a “there they are” and a big smile from Grandpa. He was his normal self. Kaitlyn and I spent several hours sitting by his bed talking and laughing at his off colored jokes until we cried. Of course it didn’t matter that is was the 30th time we heard most of these jokes, I’ll miss hearing them over and over again and rolling my eyes. “Did you know your grandma hasn’t cooked in so long the other day I caught her going towards the can opener with an egg in her hand?” was a staple grandpa joke. Every visitor that came through the door was greeted with “Have you met my buddy?” and he would point to Kaitlyn and grab their hands and make them shake. I couldn’t love Kaitlyn or my grandpa any more than I do, so I was just fine with it being all about her. I have shared a lot of things with my grandpa through the years and nothing is more special to me than sharing my wife with him. I’ll always remember Grandpa now when I look at Kaitlyn, and be sure to call her my buddy. That night before we left Kaitlyn leaned down and kissed him on the forehead and he said “You know why I love her Jake, because she’s not scared to kiss a 79 year old old man.” I told him I loved him and would see him on Wednesday and walked out the door. He yelled “Boy come here” and I walked back in and he pointed at me and said “Check the oil in the truck before you leave.” I smiled, nodded and walked out. Two weeks before, Kaitlyn and I were having car issues. We are both alike and don’t like to ask people for help but somehow my grandpa caught word our car was in the shop and it would cost too much for us to fix it. He called me the day after his first chemo treatment and weakly told me to get in my car and bring it to Neosho because his new truck needed someone to drive it and he knew someone who needed it; he gave me the keys that night. My Grandpa passed away in his sleep that Wednesday morning at 3:00am, the morning we were planning on coming back up to see him. I never thought that Saturday night would be the last night I would get to see him and talk to him. For those that knew my grandpa it is extremely fitting that his last words to me were “check the oil in the truck.” He was laid to rest with those oil stained finger nails, just like he would want to be.

 The year after college when I moved home I spent a lot of time helping my grandpa out and he spent a lot of time mentoring me about the weak job market and what my life expectations should be. One morning he picked me up at 7am on a drizzle filled November day and we spent all day splitting logs and cutting wood for one of his elderly friends so he’d have enough wood to burn through the winter. Even though my grandpa was pushing “elderly” himself that did not stop him, we cut and stacked wood because someone needed it and we had the ability to fulfill that need. That next Sunday there was an article in the local paper with a picture of my grandpa and I stacking wood titled “My Christmas Wood Angels.” The man we cut wood for was a guest columnist for the local paper and wrote a sweet piece about my grandpa and his selflessness. That was my grandpa, always looking out for others and making sure everyone was taken care of from driving my grandma’s high school widow ladies to Hardee’s every Tuesday night for cheeseburgers, to mowing their widow neighbor’s yard who tragically lost her own husband and granddaughter, to accepting every garbage lawn mower people would drop off at his house to fix even when he knew there was no way he could fix it only to give that person a new one in exchange for a bag of green peppers he loved to share with me. When there was a need, my grandpa was the one there to lend his hand. I am a proud grandson.

 You always hear death is closer than ever, and I understand what that means. But to me heaven is closer and I look forward to THAT more than ever. My grandpa was not scared of death and he was sure to tell me that every time I saw him even if I did not want to talk about that. “I lived a great life and I know where I’m going, there is nothing to cry about or be sad about,” he told me the last time we sat on his couch and watched the weather channel on mute with his flannel pajamas on. It should not take death for us to live like this.

“Where, O death, is your victory? Where, O death, is your sting?” The sting of death is sin, and the power of sin is the law. But THANKS be to God! He gives US the VICTORY through our Lord Jesus Christ!”

 The last time I said goodbye to Grandpa John on this earth I leaned over and put a flashlight in his suit pocket. Every birthday, Christmas, and Grandparents Day I bought him a flashlight and he had quite the collection of 50 + he proudly displayed in his living room. It was fitting it would be the last thing I gave him after all he gave to me for 25 years. But I know where he is, he won’t need that little light anymore.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Wedding Picture Obsession

I'm sure that everyone feels this way when they first get their pictures from the wedding photographer, but I am so happy with Jon Wahl Photography! I think he did a fabulous job capturing all of the things I really wanted to remember! For those of you that have gotten married you understand how truly chaotic that day is. Looking back through the pictures is such a sweet reminder of how much people really love Jacob and I. I am so thankful to our friends, and family for genuinely desiring for our day to be perfect. The picture of my mommy helping me get in my dress is probably one of my favorites. She is the most servant hearted women on the planet. She was everything that day; the greeter, the decorator, the engineer,the planner, and best of all my momma. 

Kitchen Distributors Inc.



I have been working on some exciting projects recently! There are really good pics of some remodels on facebook. 

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


This is our new puppy Reggie! After much convincing and begging Jacob finally let me get a dog!! She is so precious, and I actually think he likes her more than I do most days...She is a sweet addition to our family! 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Maggie's Party Details

Maggie Shea's Party

can't believe this was a year ago
                                            big girl steps 

washing our hands
sweet lil kitchen 

Monday, September 10, 2012

Maggie Turns 1!

 A lot of really wonderful things come along with being married! One of the great things is that I am now an aunt! Jacob's sister Shea and her husband David have a little girl named Maggie! Being Mags aunt has been a lot of fun! But I am really excited because Maggie is turning 1!! I get the privilege of making all the cute decorations for Maggie's Minnie Mouse Party.. I hope to post pictures of her little party soon! It will be cute! 

Friday, August 17, 2012

Single Digits

We are down to just 8 days! I am soo excited, but the reality of orchestrating all of the wedding day festivities has been a little overwhelming. My prayer for the next week is that their would be little stress, and that Jacob and I will have peace and not sweat the little details. As my dad keeps saying, "No matter what happens, at the end you will still be just as married!"  He is right! On August 25th at the end of the day Jacob will be my husband, and that is the ultimate blessing. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


45 days until the wedding!! I am excited that it is coming quickly, but also a little overwhelmed by all that is left to be done. We have both loved watching God bless our engagement and wedding planning! So far it has been a lot of fun! 

My parents have been so very helpful with a lot of the planning, and organization. Since I live in Fayetteville (the wedding is in Branson),and I work full time it is hard for me to schedule and meet with vendors. While at times I struggle with not being in control I have learned a lot of patience and trust. Everything is really coming together, and I am getting very excited! Our venue is super cute, and I cannot wait for all our family and friends to be together. 

Most of all I cannot wait to be Mrs. Snelson. I love Jacob so much ,and I know that he is the one that God sat aside for me when I was created.My whole life my dad has prayed for my future husband, and I am so pumped he is finally here!! 

Photo by Jon Wahl Photography
For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife,and the two will become one flesh.So they are no longer two, but one flesh.Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.”  Mark 10:7-9 

Monday, June 11, 2012

Our House!

We found a place to live! We cannot wait to start our life together here! Thank you Lord! 

Psalm 91

Friday June 1st I came home from work, and when I got to my apartment Jacob was there. He grabbed my face and said, "Everything is ok, your dad is fine... he was in an accident and we need to go to Little Rock he has been life-flighted there" I wish I could remember feeling an emotion, or I could say my heart sank. My mind switched to "business time" I knew my mom was in Houston with my sister, and my brothers were an hour further away than I was. My dad was there alone, and the hospital would not tell me anything.So in about 3 minutes I had a bag packed, and we were headed south. I bet you didn't know that you can get to Little Rock from Fayetteville in about 2 hours..On the way down I was calling people to try an figure out what happened? How bad was it? I know that any time a person is transported life-flight it's not good! I kept hearing different stories.. A tractor fell on him, something from a second story fell and hit him... All we terrifying.About an hour or so into the drive my daddy called me from the room in the ER! I absolutely remember that emotion. Relief! He sounded weak and confused, but he was talking and alive! So finally we got to the hospital, and I had mentally prepared myself for him to look bad! He looked great considering. My dad and a colleague were moving large exercise equipment on a fork-lift from a second story. They were on the fork lift to steady the equipment and the forks fell and dropped them and the equipment roughly 12'. My dad had no broken bones, and no internal injuries. It was a true miracle. My family is amazing, and I am so blessed to have Tim Teresa Corey Erin Bryce and now Jacob in my life. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

House Hunting

Jacob and I are heading out tonight to search for the place that will be our first home together! We are really excited to live together as man and wife, and as best friends! Jacob makes me laugh, makes me feel safe, is a great house keeper, and not to mention I think he is pretty cute ;)! This is our first picture taken just a year ago, I cant believe that now we are going to look for OUR home! 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Future Mrs. Snelson

So here is how it went down...

Jacob had told me for weeks that we were going to go home to his parents the weekend before Easter, and celebrate early. That way we could have Easter with my family on Easter. We were not leaving until Saturday the 31st because Jacob's sister and her husband were not going to be there until dinner time on Saturday so we were just going to wait until they got there. So with the time we had we went shopping to get Jacob's niece Maggie an Easter present. I have no problem killing time when shopping. I kept wanting to go earlier, saying that we could just go and hang out with your mom until Shae and David got there. He did a great job stalling!!

So we left for Neosho and arrived around 4:30. When we pulled up to his parent's house I saw mason jars hanging in the tree in the front yard. I just thought that Jacob's mom had decorated for Easter. Then I saw that there were mason jars with yellow flowers in them and the made an aisle that led down to an archway.
As he pulled the car to a stop I looked at him pretty confused I'm sure. When I looked at him he said to me, "Are you ready?" I could not respond. It was starting to become clear what was about to happen. So I sat there not having any words to say, and he came around and opened my door. He asked me again if I was ready. I think I did say yes at this point. So he grabbed my hand and led me half way down the path of mason jars. In one of the mason jars hanging in the tree there was a piece of paper that he instructed me to read. I read out loud a letter from my  mommy and daddy telling us how much they loved us, and how God lays out for us what Godly marriage is to look like. (I was weeping at this point)

After struggling reading that through tears of overwhelming blessing. Jacob then took my hand and we walked to the end of the aisle. Hanging in the archway there was another piece of paper, and a box!! Jacob then read a very precious letter to me. Explaining how my love was his life, and our lives were his love. After he read that to me we prayed. He prayed out loud such a sweet prayer. He requested blessing over our marriage, and for us to seek the Lord in all we do together. Then he said, "Now for the good stuff, and he grabbed the box out of the jar. He said, " I have not rehearsed this!" Jacob got down on one knee and he asked me to be his wife. He opened the box, and I said, "Its Prefect!" Whoops! But then I said of course  I will.
He grabbed my hand, and said now it is time to celebrate. So we walked into his basement. Both of our family's were there. I was so overwhelmed and happy I could not help but cry. Especially when I saw my mommy! It was an amazing day! I am so blessed to have Jacob! I cannot wait to be his wife.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Such Hope... 1 Peter 1:3-5

Hope to not fear trials. Hope to not fear death. Hope of eternal life in heaven. There is always Hope.


Yesterday my sweet sister Erin Huddleston turned 21 years old!

Friday, February 3, 2012

My 2011

    I have not blogged in a while. I would like to do it more often. It is a good way for me to document how God has had his hand ever present in my life.
    In 2011 I was granted so many great blessings. I graduated with a degree in Interior Design, I was hired as a designer at Kitchen Distributors Inc, and I met my best friend (and boyfriend) Jacob.
    School was never really my thing. I was always the kid getting moved around the classroom for talking to much. No matter where I was moved I seemed to have something to talk about with whomever I sat next to. My sweet parents were always very understanding, and very proud of the B average I brought home every semester. My dad would say, "I can't be mad at you, you enjoyed the finer social aspects that school had to offer. Just like I did." It wasn't due to a lack of intelligence I would just rather spend time with people, with family, than to lock myself away for hours and do homework. But in May 2011 I did it. After 4 years of intense studios, and logging hundreds of work hours on projects. I finished school forever.
     I graduated on Saturday May 14th, and the Monday after I got a call from Kitchen Distributors. After 2 interviews they offered me the opportunity to join them as one of their designers. I was very happy, and also very relieved. Knowing how difficult finding a job is I knew this was a "God Thing". I have now been with Kitchen Distributors for 8 months, and I love it here! I love getting to build relationships with clients and always getting to meet new people. Designing kitchens is really fun!!
     When I started my 1st big kid job I was really excited to be single, and let God teach me adult life in a town that I only knew from a college student's perspective. I started working in the summer, and some of my other "young professional" friends invited me to play summer league softball. Sign me up! Paying softball is how I met Jacob. Being on a softball team was a fun way to start getting to know one another, and it made for a good excuse to see each other in the beginning. We have been dating since July, and I know that God has put Jacob in my life according to His timing. Jacob is a wonderful man that I am honored to know. We are enjoying "spending time on the porch" learning about each other. We are excited to let God lead us to what He has next in our life!!