Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Future Mrs. Snelson

So here is how it went down...

Jacob had told me for weeks that we were going to go home to his parents the weekend before Easter, and celebrate early. That way we could have Easter with my family on Easter. We were not leaving until Saturday the 31st because Jacob's sister and her husband were not going to be there until dinner time on Saturday so we were just going to wait until they got there. So with the time we had we went shopping to get Jacob's niece Maggie an Easter present. I have no problem killing time when shopping. I kept wanting to go earlier, saying that we could just go and hang out with your mom until Shae and David got there. He did a great job stalling!!

So we left for Neosho and arrived around 4:30. When we pulled up to his parent's house I saw mason jars hanging in the tree in the front yard. I just thought that Jacob's mom had decorated for Easter. Then I saw that there were mason jars with yellow flowers in them and the made an aisle that led down to an archway.
As he pulled the car to a stop I looked at him pretty confused I'm sure. When I looked at him he said to me, "Are you ready?" I could not respond. It was starting to become clear what was about to happen. So I sat there not having any words to say, and he came around and opened my door. He asked me again if I was ready. I think I did say yes at this point. So he grabbed my hand and led me half way down the path of mason jars. In one of the mason jars hanging in the tree there was a piece of paper that he instructed me to read. I read out loud a letter from my  mommy and daddy telling us how much they loved us, and how God lays out for us what Godly marriage is to look like. (I was weeping at this point)

After struggling reading that through tears of overwhelming blessing. Jacob then took my hand and we walked to the end of the aisle. Hanging in the archway there was another piece of paper, and a box!! Jacob then read a very precious letter to me. Explaining how my love was his life, and our lives were his love. After he read that to me we prayed. He prayed out loud such a sweet prayer. He requested blessing over our marriage, and for us to seek the Lord in all we do together. Then he said, "Now for the good stuff, and he grabbed the box out of the jar. He said, " I have not rehearsed this!" Jacob got down on one knee and he asked me to be his wife. He opened the box, and I said, "Its Prefect!" Whoops! But then I said of course  I will.
He grabbed my hand, and said now it is time to celebrate. So we walked into his basement. Both of our family's were there. I was so overwhelmed and happy I could not help but cry. Especially when I saw my mommy! It was an amazing day! I am so blessed to have Jacob! I cannot wait to be his wife.