Monday, June 11, 2012

Our House!

We found a place to live! We cannot wait to start our life together here! Thank you Lord! 

Psalm 91

Friday June 1st I came home from work, and when I got to my apartment Jacob was there. He grabbed my face and said, "Everything is ok, your dad is fine... he was in an accident and we need to go to Little Rock he has been life-flighted there" I wish I could remember feeling an emotion, or I could say my heart sank. My mind switched to "business time" I knew my mom was in Houston with my sister, and my brothers were an hour further away than I was. My dad was there alone, and the hospital would not tell me anything.So in about 3 minutes I had a bag packed, and we were headed south. I bet you didn't know that you can get to Little Rock from Fayetteville in about 2 hours..On the way down I was calling people to try an figure out what happened? How bad was it? I know that any time a person is transported life-flight it's not good! I kept hearing different stories.. A tractor fell on him, something from a second story fell and hit him... All we terrifying.About an hour or so into the drive my daddy called me from the room in the ER! I absolutely remember that emotion. Relief! He sounded weak and confused, but he was talking and alive! So finally we got to the hospital, and I had mentally prepared myself for him to look bad! He looked great considering. My dad and a colleague were moving large exercise equipment on a fork-lift from a second story. They were on the fork lift to steady the equipment and the forks fell and dropped them and the equipment roughly 12'. My dad had no broken bones, and no internal injuries. It was a true miracle. My family is amazing, and I am so blessed to have Tim Teresa Corey Erin Bryce and now Jacob in my life.