Thursday, May 29, 2014

Harlow: 3 Months Old

Harlow: 3 Months Old

-She weighs around 10lbs (just guessing from her 2 mth appointment)
-She sleeps in her crib at night
-She sleeps all night occasionally wakes up around 3-3:30 hungry
-She eats every 3 hours during the day (I try and do at least 3 bottles a week)
-She takes 3 naps a day, and she sleeps for about 30-45 min
-Harlow smiles all the time now, it really is the best (it is kind of a shy/bashful grin)
-She loves to take baths, and she now tries to kick the ducky in the tub
-We go on lots of walks, she loves to be outside
-She "talks" a lot when I change her diaper, she talks way more to her daddy than me
-Harlow is still wearing newborn diapers (prob will be switching to size 1 any day now)
-She wears mostly newborn size clothes also, but some 0-3 mth is starting to fit (straight up 3mth is still pretty big)
-She laughed for the 1st time while we were at the hospital waiting for little Amelia Duffield to be born (way to go Ms Karen ;)
-She wakes up really happy, I love going in to get her from her crib cause she gives great smiles
-she also has recently started doing this really dramatic pouty face when you stop doing something that she likes (like when I lay her down on her play mat)
-She can roll over half way, but her right arm always trips her up from going the whole way over
-She can sit up in the Bumbo now, she loves to watch me cook/clean/workout
-I have been doing a mommy devo in the mornings and I read it out loud to her, she loves to her our voices it seems to fascinate her that we can do that with our mouths lol

Harlow, We love you so much! You change so much everyday. You are mommy and daddy's greatest joy!  Seeing you develop and learn things is really really cool! You are a huge blessing to us, and we pray for you everyday! We love you sissy!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Harlow: 2 Months Old

Little Harlow is 2 Months Old!!!

-She weighs 9lbs 5oz and is 22" long (5th percentile for weight, 15th for length)
-She sleeps 2 four hour stretches, one night this week she slept 6 hours!!
-Sometimes after the middle of the night feeding she will sleep in the bed with us the rest of the night (yea yea judge me(; )
-She wears new born diapers
-We have tried sleeping in the crib a few times,but she only sleeps about 2 hours in there
-She wears newborn size clothes (a few 0-3 mnths fit)
-She eats during the day every 3 hours-ish (sometimes a girl is hungry sooner)
-She takes 3 pretty good naps (9ish, noonish, 3 ish)
-She started smiling at about 6 weeks, and now she does it all the time! (she loves to smile at her daddy)
-She LOVES to be outside,the sun on her face is often our secret weapon
-She loves to take baths, she kicks her legs in the water it's pretty cute
-She chats all the time, her little baby noises are the coolest! I feel like she is trying to tell me things
-She smiles and talks the most on her changing table, she puts on a show when we change her diaper!
-She is very cuddly/social, the kid has to be able to see another human at all times or she gets mad.
-We recently made her a little swing for the back yard, and she seriously loves it! it puts her to sleep in about 5 min!
-O and she loves her pacifier...never leave home w/o it

I love this kid so very much! Getting to stay home with her has been such a blessing. I am thankful everyday for the opportunity to be Harlow's mommy. You better believe there are days that I want to ship her off to day-care. HAHA She is only 2 months old and there are days that we don't get along. But I wouldn't trade a second of this life with her! I have loved seeing her little feisty red-head personality come out this last month! Mommy loves you so much sissy!