Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Harlow: 2 Months Old

Little Harlow is 2 Months Old!!!

-She weighs 9lbs 5oz and is 22" long (5th percentile for weight, 15th for length)
-She sleeps 2 four hour stretches, one night this week she slept 6 hours!!
-Sometimes after the middle of the night feeding she will sleep in the bed with us the rest of the night (yea yea judge me(; )
-She wears new born diapers
-We have tried sleeping in the crib a few times,but she only sleeps about 2 hours in there
-She wears newborn size clothes (a few 0-3 mnths fit)
-She eats during the day every 3 hours-ish (sometimes a girl is hungry sooner)
-She takes 3 pretty good naps (9ish, noonish, 3 ish)
-She started smiling at about 6 weeks, and now she does it all the time! (she loves to smile at her daddy)
-She LOVES to be outside,the sun on her face is often our secret weapon
-She loves to take baths, she kicks her legs in the water it's pretty cute
-She chats all the time, her little baby noises are the coolest! I feel like she is trying to tell me things
-She smiles and talks the most on her changing table, she puts on a show when we change her diaper!
-She is very cuddly/social, the kid has to be able to see another human at all times or she gets mad.
-We recently made her a little swing for the back yard, and she seriously loves it! it puts her to sleep in about 5 min!
-O and she loves her pacifier...never leave home w/o it

I love this kid so very much! Getting to stay home with her has been such a blessing. I am thankful everyday for the opportunity to be Harlow's mommy. You better believe there are days that I want to ship her off to day-care. HAHA She is only 2 months old and there are days that we don't get along. But I wouldn't trade a second of this life with her! I have loved seeing her little feisty red-head personality come out this last month! Mommy loves you so much sissy!

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