Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Harlow 2 1/2

-loves to give hugs 
-wants to see "pitchers" on our phones
-is always "spinning around like a princess"  
-calls yogurt "mogurk"
-wears pink princess dress everyday 
-loves to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
-watches Momma Mia on iPad 
-watches Barney a lot 
-sings Jesus loves me,Barney song,twinkle twinkle and asks "what's another song" 
-loves swimming and is not afraid 
-started taking swim lessons 
-wants to hold her "shister" a lot 
-loves going to church 
-is 100% potty trained including nap and bedtime
-grabs my shirt and rubs it on her face and sucks her thumb 
-naps after lunch for about 1.5-2 hours 
-loves to jump on her trampoline 
-Loves her "pink baby"
-nurses pink baby 
-says "I do it my sulf" a lot 
-loves Palmer and Bowen 
-says "to" in place of "for" "momma you open this to me?"  "For the 1st time in toever" 
-loves to wear dresses and curtesy 
-loves to paint her nails 
-eats "bars" (granola bars) for snack 
-eats a waffle every morning, usually with her dad 
-loves grilled cheese 
-loves to play with Clay
-remembers everything 
-makes up songs about everything 
-talks with her hands
-Aunt April and Uncle Michael are her best friends
-loves to tell the story of Jesus on the cross 
-had memorized 3 bible verses 
- loves to watch movies 

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