Saturday, February 22, 2014

Harlow's Room

Harlow's Room 

 I think the chair is my favorite part :)
The ruffle pillow is a gift from the lovely Leslie Duffield.
The rug was the first thing I bought for her room. It was kind of the inspiration for everything else. 
 Her diaper bag and door hanger are all ready to go to the hospital!
 The wall color is called "Ambrosia" I wanted mint that wasn't too lime, and was not too blue.
 I love how clean and simple her crib is, so I decided not to include a bumper just a simple skirt.
 All of the little details in the room are this aged gold. O' and I decided to put my owl lamp in her room (it was in my room at the chi o house :)) 
 We bought her dresser on CL and Jacob painted black, and we added some gold hardware.
 Book shelves are picture ledges from ikea. 
I wanted to showcase her "coming home" dress, and I saw this idea to frame it on Pinterest. We are still waiting on a cute wire hanger instead of the plastic one. 

I am ready for this kid to be here!! I totally know she will not care or need a lot of the stuff in her room, but it was really fun for me to pick it all out! 

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