Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Baby Blessing

The week after Thanksgiving we had our regularly scheduled 24 week check-up. This was the appointment that you have the glucose test done. I was a little worried about the outcome of the glucose test, because I had had a few fainting spells that we thought were related to my blood sugar. Turns out this was not an issue! While we were meeting with the Dr. I was telling him about some mild back pain I was having. Having back pain entering the 3rd trimester is a pretty common thing as your belly grows heavier. To be cautious the Dr. decided to check and make sure this pain was not related to pre-term labor. I was not worried at this point, because I know that back pain is a common discomfort during pregnancy. So as he went on checking me he told us that my cervix was unusually soft and dimpled (slight dilation) for 24 weeks. So our response was, what does that mean? He said it probably means nothing,but lets send you down to ER to just be sure... We were sent down to the ER to be put on a toco monitor to make sure that the pain I was feeling was not related to contractions. After monitoring me for over an hour the nurses decided that there was no sign of contractions! I should been freaking out, but for some reason I had an overwhelming feeling of peace. I could feel Harlow moving the whole time, and I knew that we were ok! My sweet husband couldn't have been more supportive and encouraging! I could tell he was not as calm and collected as I was, but he held it together for me! I am thankful that the Dr. was cautious. The staff was very kind and reassured us that our baby was ok! I am so blessed to have had an easy pregnancy, and blessed to have a husband that really knows how to love me! We are so thankful that Harlow and I are healthy, and that she will stay and hangout with mommy for a few more months! 

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