Sunday, December 29, 2013

29 Weeks

29 Weeks 

: GIRL!!!  Harlow Robin Snelson

Baby Size: About 3 lbs and 15" long
Weight Gain/Loss: Gained 15 lbs

Fit Mamma: it warmed up a couple of days and I got to walk outside! Plus some light weight lifting. 

Symptoms: Back pain, mainly lower right side. I have 3-4 BH contractions a week,my belly gets rock hard for 10-15 seconds along with the feeling of pressure.

Cravings: little Halo oranges 

ClothesAll maternity. Most clothes (even maternity) are pretty uncomfortable.

Movement: I feel her almost all the time, and if she isn't moving I can feel where she is. Mostly I feel her on my right side, and I'm pretty sure her little foot pokes out on my right side most of the time. Even from the beginning she has been pretty low,she is camped out on my bladder. 

**Majority of the time I feel great, and I am really thankful to have had a pretty easy pregnancy so far! We have been going to the dr. every 2 weeks due to the softening of my cervix. But we are now to the time where going at that interval is normal. 

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