Thursday, February 25, 2016

Harlow Robin:2 years old

Harlow you are such an amazing little girl!  Your second year has been so much fun! We have loved watching you change from a sweet baby into a smart and funny toddler! You are our best buddy! Here are the things you are up to these days...

-you weigh about 21 lbs
-you wear size 3 diapers(just moved to 4 and pull-ups)
-you are transitioning into size 2T clothes (mostly for length) 
-you wear size 5 shoes
-you started sleeping in your big girl bed all night and for naps right around the week before your birthday party
-you love your baby doll and you don't like for her to have clothes on, you rock her, push her in the stroller and change her diaper 
-you love Mickey Mouse clubhouse and ask to watch it all the time 
-you take 1 nap after lunch for about and hour and a half 
-you started going to KDO on Thursdays in January 
-you love Monroe and you are always trying to give her a paci or you are tickling her 
-you do a great job holding her and you are helpful by going to get mommy a diaper when we need it 
- you love to watch good luck Charlie and home alone  
- your favorite foods are pizza, sabetti (spaghetti),pepperoni,grilled cheese and cookies 
-you love to dance and your favorite music to dance to is the Momma Mia sound track
-you love to sing, your favs are twinkle twinkle, wheels on the bus,abc's,holy holy holy, you know all the words to every frozen song
-you are obsessed with Nea Nea and Mimi and you ask to stay with them almost everyday..
- you can say anything and everything we hold significant conversations with you about all kinds of topics (.. I would prob be better off saying things you can't say 
-you can count to 10 
-you say your birthday is "febduary two four" not 24th 
-you know your name starts with an H and you can write it, you say "straight straight across" any time you are coloring 
-you love to take pictures on our phones and you say "cheese me" and you call he phone a shone 
-you asked to have an Elsa birthday party , so we celebrated the weekend before your birthday (pics to come) 
-you suck your thumb 
-when you don't want to do something or you don't want something you say "I don't" 

I have been writing down funny things you say in a little journal! It's fun to look back and read it!  A couple of our favorites, "you wanna see my butt?" "Shakin my booty" "Dance a me?" "Do you want to see my bed?" (She is proud of her big girl bed) You love everyone and you love to include others you are always saying "come on" and taking your friends by the hand wanting them to play with you! You are really smart and really mature for a 2 year old. Sometimes what you say and what you understand is a little scary! We have been working on going in the potty, but you keep talking me," I like my diaper.." Soo we will keep trying. You are a super independent little gal, and we love watching you learn to do things on your own! 

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