Friday, February 5, 2016

Monroe Eleanor: 37 Weeks and Birth Story

Monroe Eleanor Snelson

We had to wait a while in between the 36 and 37 week appointments since Christmas fell right in the middle of my change over day. So the Monday after Christmas Dec 28th at 3:00pm was my 37 week appointment. During the time in between appointments there were several days that I had heavy contractions, and there were days I was in pretty uncomfortable pain (back, cramping etc). Actually Christmas day we really thought about going to the hospital but didn't. So this appointment I was sure that they would tell me I was dilated enough to be sent down to have a baby (I was already at a 3)... Well that was not the case after 10 days from one appointment to the next I had not progressed at all.. Honestly I was pretty disappointed, after all those days of contractions nothing had changed! In all my pregnant hormonal glory I started crying... pretty intensely lol. Poor Dr. Gorman looked at me and asked, "Are those tears?" (dr gorman is my fav btw). He apolpgized to me many times like it was his fault :/ I am sure he thought I was nuts (jacob did). To be nice to me while I was crying for no reason he said, "ok come back on Wednesday, and we will just see if there are any changes"... 

So Tuesday night I was super uncomfortable all night. My back hurt, my crotch hurt, and I had what felt like cramping pain...None of it was like screaming pain, but def kept me from sleeping. Also the pain never came and went so it wasn't like I knew to time them as contractions. Which turns out it prob what they were. 

SO on Wednesday December 30th at 9:00am we go to the Bentonville office to see Dr. Gorman again, and Jacob has already told me that I need to apologize for my behavior at the last appointment. Also I am 100% prepared this time for there to be no changes and to be told that I am still a 3. So I am telling him sorry for being crazy blah blah... He is checking me, and says "Would it make you happy if I told you were 100% effaced and dilated to a 6!?" Um yes. So he proceeds to tell us that we need to go (hustle) down to Johnson and get checked in so I am not walking around this dilated too much longer. So we run through Krispy Kreme and get Harlow some donuts so we can go home and tell her that her baby sister is coming!

We go home and grab our bags, and at this point I am still not in a super amount of pain. So I curl my hair and make sure we have everything. I kiss Harlow and we leave for the hospital. We get there about 11:00 got checked in and were taken to our room. I get changed, and the nurse comes in and lets me know that they are really busy, because people are being induced to have their babies before 2016. So we wait until like 2:30 or 3:00 for the anesthesiologist to come and administer the epidural. At this time I am having contractions on my own about 6-8 min apart. They still never really hurt just the pressure and tightening. I am still at a 6. So I finally get the epidural and they start a "sprinkle" of pitocin, and the contractions start coming about every 1-3 min ish. Then around 5:00 Dr. Terry comes in and break my water. After that the contractions are much stronger and closer together, and in about 15 min I am 10 cm and really feeling like I have to push. After I start feeling the intense pressure to push I call the nurse and tell her I am ready or she is going to come out on her own.. Dr. Terry comes in and tells us that he has to run to an emergency C-section, and turns off my pitocin... I was literally crossing my legs for about 45 min waiting for him to come back. So then around 6:00pm Dr. Terry is back, and we start the pit back up. I start pushing, and she keeps getting stuck and every time she crowns she retreats back in... (come on girl!) As I am pushing one of the last few times her heart rates lowers, and Dr Terry is pushing my belly monitor around trying to hear her heart beat. When he finds it it must have been low, because about that time he kinda just yanks her out. Turns out the cord was wrapped around her little neck for the last few pushes. Also, she kept pulling back into the birth canal because she was "sunny side up" her little face was facing up instead of to the side or down. When their head is down they can navigate your pelvis a little easier. Still we only pushed for about 30 min, and there she was! Another tiny little RED HEADED daughter! She weighed 6 lbs and was 20" long (turns out her length was not an accurate measurement).. 

Monroe Eleanor Snelson 
born at 6:37pm 




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