Sunday, January 19, 2014

32 Weeks

Gender: Girl! Harlow Robin 

Baby Size: About 4lbs 16.75" long
Weight Gain/Loss: 20lbs 

Fit Mamma: Cardio with the Sworkit* app on my phone, and Zumba! 

Symptoms: My appetite has increased this last week. I am hungry all the time so I am really trying to eat frequent healthy snacks to keep from eating too much! Still having 4-5 BH contractions a day. I can tell they are stronger on days when I am really busy and on my feet a lot. 

Cravings: Oranges and smoothies 

ClothesAll maternity.

Movement:I can tell she is running low on room because her movements are just little bumps or nudges now. No more big rolls or kicks the last couple of weeks.  Sometimes I can tell when her little foot pokes out on my right side :) it's cute! 

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